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How many types of bonding methods are there for refractory material binders?

2023-11-28 14:41:09

Hydration binding is formed by the hydration reaction between the binder and water at room temperature to produce hydration products. Desulfurized magnesium oxide

Chemical bonding is formed by the chemical reaction between binders and hardeners, or between binders and refractory materials at room temperature, or by the formation of compounds with binding properties during heating.

Polymerization is achieved by adding catalysts or crosslinking agents, which cause the binder to undergo condensation and form a network like structure, resulting in bonding strength.

Ceramic bonding refers to low-temperature sintering bonding, which involves adding additives or metal powders that can lower the sintering temperature to bulk refractory materials, greatly reducing the temperature at which the liquid phase appears and promoting solid-liquid reactions at low temperatures, resulting in low-temperature sintering bonding.

Adhesive bonding occurs through one of the following physical processes.