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Selection and Maintenance Technology of Light Burnt Magnesium Powder

2023-11-28 14:32:45

Widely used in the domestic hazardous waste disposal industry. The quality of refractory materials in rotary kilns affects their stable operation. An analysis was conducted on the selection and maintenance of refractory materials for hazardous waste treatment rotary kilns using electric fused magnesia, in order to provide reference for specific engineering applications. According to the definition of the National Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes, hazardous waste has hazardous characteristics such as corrosiveness, toxicity, flammability, reactivity, and infectivity. It may have harmful effects on the environment or human health and needs to be managed as hazardous waste. The thermal treatment (incineration) disposal method of hazardous waste cannot completely eliminate the toxicity and harmfulness of the waste, and can reduce the volume of hazardous waste to a certain extent, which is a powerful means of harmless and reduced waste. At present, most newly built hazardous waste incineration and disposal projects in China prioritize using rotary kilns as hazardous waste treatment furnaces, which can effectively treat hazardous waste of different shapes and phases.